Dr. McSweeney Featured on French Travel Program

The link below is for the French television show that had scenes filmed at the clinic last October. The show shows begins with scenes from our church 5 minutes and 29 seconds into the show (right after the slide trombone player). This show is a French travel show that filmed various aspects of south Louisiana through the eyes of various individuals. Pat was one of the individuals featured. He is shown at our church showing the water line where the levee breach flooded our church. Our house is shown where he points to the tree he climbed to get into one of our house's windows after Katrina. They show our neighbor's house across the street and the sign on the side of the house showing that the house was searched by police for people and pets. The causeway and lake are shown and the visual of the lake being a higher elevation than the houses on the lakefront. Finally, the clinic is shown along with our motor home to be used in case of emergency evacuation. The show was aired in France two weeks ago. We actually had a French client who moved back to France a few years ago see the travel program and email us to congratulate us. As you will see, the program is in french and utilizes voice overs (french over english). We were thrilled to be a part of such a well done program.

Note: Unfortunately Youtube has removed the video