Mrs. Beverly McSweeney

Beverly McSweeney is the Office Manager of the Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital and is the wife of Dr. Patrick McSweeney. She attended LSU and UNO and worked as paralegal in the 1980s until she and Dr. McSweeney opened the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in 1992. At first the hospital opened with just the two of them, so Beverly was not only the receptionist, but also the veterinary technician and kennel staff. The business grew over the years and has been a part of the lives of many clients, patients, and employees. Beverly and Dr. Pat evacuated for hurricane Katrina with numerous pets and clinic animals. Since their home was severely flooded in the storm, they lived at hospital. Along with Dr. Carriere, the McSweeneys participated in animal care and rescues after Katrina and housed over a hundred abandoned animals after the storm. When people returned to the area, they helped reunite owners with their pets. They also treated pets who needed to be seen as their owners came back to rescue them who had been without food and water for weeks. All of the care was complimentary. After Katrina, the hospital hosted and housed another hospital in our building. Since their building was flooded in the storm, the McSweeneys helped them get back on their feet and save their business. The McSweeneys worked diligently to rebuild and get back to their Lakeview neighborhood and home. They became fluent in the language of “construction.”

Beverly is very active in her church parish, St. Dominic. A guitarist and vocalist, she directs a music group that plays each Sunday for 10:30 a.m. mass and has done so for the past 27 years. Beverly writes a significant amount of music for the instrumentalists in her group. She was recently asked to write an article for Oregon Catholic Press regarding her church parish’s recovery from Katrina which was published last year. Beverly spends her spare time caring for her family and her many pets who keep her VERY BUSY . She is also an avid photographer. You may see her swoop in to take a few (or many) pictures of your pet one day.