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Pioneers. Thought leaders. Passionate animal lovers. The team of Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital is diverse in their talents, and united in their mission: to keep your pet by your side for as long as possible. Because that’s where they belong.


Patrick McSweeney

Dr. Patrick McSweeney grew up in Old Metairie where he attended St. Catherine of Siena School. As a young child he knew he wanted to become a veterinarian. He attended Archbishop Rummell and Vandebilt Catholic High School when his family moved to Houma.

Dr. Pat graduated from LSU Vet school in May of 1984. After graduation he worked at the Louisiana SPCA Hospital where he worked with indigent clients and developed keen surgical and diagnostic skills. For seven years he volunteered his time to do a weekly television segment on WDSU’s morning show which benefitted the Louisiana SPCA and promoted pet adoptions. He continued to volunteer his time for the segment even after he left the SPCA and opened the Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital in 1992.

Over the past thirty years, Dr. McSweeney has focused his practice in the direction of pain management. Trained by Pfizer Animal Health, he has taught pain management seminars locally and throughout the country focusing on anesthesia and analgesia. The Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital has hosted continuing education seminars for local veterinarians regarding this subject. Dr. Pat has also done round table discussions on pain management that included participants nationwide. Because of his experience with Pfizer (now known as Zoetis), Dr. McSweeney and the hospital have been asked to participate in numerous clinical trials over the last fifteen years. These drug trials require precise data observing and documenting. One of these studies was published In JAVMA (Journal of Veterinary Medical Association) in February of 2012. The article can be found in the Article section of this website.

When Katrina approached the New Orleans area, the McSweeneys evacuated with their many animals and the hospital’s boarding and hospitalized animals. Dr. McSweeney returned to find his New Orleans home flooded. He borrowed a pirogue and paddled to the second floor of his home in order to recover some belongings. He returned to the hospital only 10 days after the storm with all the animals, along with his wife, Beverly and Dr. Carriere and began helping those animals who were left behind. In fact, for months the hospital was basically turned into an animal shelter for those pets left behind who were rescued after the storm. The hospital also took on another project – helping Lakeview Veterinary Hospital survive the storm. The story regarding the recovery of the two hospitals is included as a link in this website. The Animal Medial & Surgical Hospital hosted Lakeview Veterinary Hospital and worked side by side with them for almost a year.

Since then, the McSweeneys have returned to their rebuilt home in Lakeview and Dr. McSweeney has been focusing on rebuilding the hospital and finding a new normal. He purchased a motor home for any future evacuations which is parked outside of the hospital.

Patrick and Beverly McSweeney have been happily married since 1984. They have no kids, but have many four legged children. Dr. Pat loves his pets. He also loves to travel. Although he works hard, he also plays hard. When time allows, he also loves to exercise.

Carol Carriere

Dr. Carol Carriere was born in the dark ages in New Orleans and grew up in Lakeview, the last of seven children. She graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High School and went to U.N.O. prior to attending LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, where she and Dr. Pat McSweeney were classmates and became fast friends. Upon graduating from LSU-SVM in 1984, she received the Edward Lloyd Mitchell Memorial Award, as well as the Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award.

Dr. Carriere practiced for 5 years with Dr. Thomas Rawls at Broadmoor Animal Hospital in New Orleans, then she joined Dr. McSweeney at the LaSPCA for 2 years. She then worked with Dr. Lee Capone at Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital in Mandeville and the St. Tammany Humane Society for 2 years, until finally rejoining Dr. McSweeney at the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in 1995.

An excellent surgeon and diagnostician, Dr. Carriere put her veterinary skills and life skills to work after hurricane Katrina when she helped rescue and care for numerous animals injured and left behind. Because her home was flooded and damaged, she lived at the hospital with the McSweeneys caring for animals “round the clock”. Dr. Carriere also used many skills to subcontract and essentially renovate her own home refinishing and relaying floors, installing moldings, cabinets, and painting, etc.

Dr. Carriere is an avid LSU football and baseball fan, and has been a devoted Saints fan since their inception. She loves gardening and reading, but first and foremost, her beloved pets have always been the main focus of her life. Indeed, most of her time is devoted to fulfilling the importunate demands of her numerous pets. This she does not mind, as she considers herself most fortunate in the assortment of characters, too numerous to count, which she has possessed over the years. The most famous of these characters were Pugsley Carriere, Esq., Attorney at Paw, and his loyal sidekick and co-conspirator, Skeezit. Life during those 16 glorious years with this intrepid duo was wild, but Dr. C. loved it. Though the gang she lives with now is tame by comparison (with a few notable exceptions), at home, Dr. C. still heeds Carmen’s advice: “Watch out!”

“Lots of people talk to animals…. Not very many listen, though…. That’s the problem.”

-Benjamin Hoff


Beverly McSweeney

Beverly McSweeney is the Office Manager of the Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital and is the wife of Dr. Patrick McSweeney. She attended LSU and UNO and worked as paralegal in the 1980s until she and Dr. McSweeney opened the Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital in 1992. At first the hospital opened with just the two of them, so Beverly was not only the receptionist, but also the veterinary technician and kennel staff. The business grew over the years and has been a part of the lives of many clients, patients, and employees. Beverly and Dr. Pat evacuated for hurricane Katrina with numerous pets and clinic animals. Since their home was severely flooded in the storm, they lived at hospital. Along with Dr. Carriere, the McSweeneys participated in animal care and rescues after Katrina and housed over a hundred abandoned animals after the storm. When people returned to the area, they helped reunite owners with their pets. They also treated pets who needed to be seen as their owners came back to rescue them who had been without food and water for weeks. All of the care was complimentary. After Katrina, the hospital hosted and housed another hospital in our building. Since their building was flooded in the storm, the McSweeneys helped them get back on their feet and save their business. The McSweeneys worked diligently to rebuild and get back to their Lakeview neighborhood and home. They became fluent in the language of “construction.”

Beverly is very active in her church parish, St. Dominic. A guitarist and vocalist, she directs a music group that plays each Sunday for 10:30 a.m. mass and has done so since 1986. Beverly writes a significant amount of music for the instrumentalists in her group. She was asked to write an article for Oregon Catholic Press regarding her church parish’s recovery from Katrina which was published in 2012. Beverly spends her spare time caring for her family and her many pets who keep her VERY BUSY . She is also an avid photographer. You may see her swoop in to take a few (or many) pictures of your pet one day.

Mary McSweeney

Our bookkeeper is Mary McSweeney, mother of Dr. Patrick McSweeney. She has been bookkeeping for the hospital since the business began in 1992. This is extraordinary because she makes the drive in from Houma once a week to do this. Married to John McSweeney in 1955, Mary is the mother of EIGHT, grandmother of SEVENTEEN, and great grandmother of THIRTEEN – what a magnificent family! She also is the proud owner of three beautiful Dobermans, Maxie, Lily and Red.

Finally, Mrs. Mary is an amazing cook! She miraculously whips up massive holiday feasts for her large family that are deliciously memorable! We are grateful for all she has done for our hospital since we opened for business. She has been our biggest cheerleader and we love her.

“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.”

-William Shakespeare

Our Staff

Crystal Hayes

Crystal Hayes has been working with animals since 2006. She has worked in the veterinary field assisting in the treatment and rehabilitation of small pets, exotics and zoo animals in the Miami, Florida area. Crystal has been with us since 2015 and brings a vast knowledge of veterinary dentistry and emergency medicine to our hospital. Crystal has also volunteered her time at the at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida, to further the conservation of and education regarding North American wolves.
With a very active home life, Crystal and her husband are raising two boys along with a long list of fur babies. Adopted dogs, cats and even sugar gliders call Crystal’s house their very own “fur-ever” home. Her older son can be seen playing 1st chair trumpet during Metairie’s infamous Mardi Gras parades or alongside Crystal volunteering his hours here at the hospital. If you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of her younger son happily feeding treats to our resident hospital cats.
After the AMSH has closed their doors for the day, we are proud to say that Crystal laces up her roller skates and takes to the track with Big Easy Rollergirls and Team Louisiana Roller Derby All Stars competing in national roller derby game play. She also coaches the Crescent City Crushers junior roller derby team. For more information about the team and its schedule, please visit

Alexis Pertuit

Alexis Pertuit joined our team in December of 2016. She is a premed student at the University of New Orleans pursuing a career as a psychiatrist. Animals are her absolute favorite things in this world, and working at a vet clinic satisfies both her love of animals and her passion for helping those in need. She began volunteering at Animal Rescue New Orleans in 2010, and in 2011 she started fostering cats through SpayMart. Three of her foster kitties, Star, Lyra, and Nova, became her first fur children. Since then she has had the pleasure of adopting her dog Jake, and acquiring her three “step-fur-children”, cats Athena and Oreo, and B.B. the dog. They keep her busy on her path to becoming a doctor, and lift her spirits when things get tough. Likewise, all of the patients at AM&SH brighten her work days; “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!”

Ashley Taranto

Ashley Taranto is a Metairie native whose family lived in Jackson, Mississippi for many years. From a young age she was passionate about animals. She worked at The Fish Bowl in Jackson at age 14 working with fish, reptiles and other small animals. Two years later she began working as a veterinary assistant and knew she had found her calling. Ashley returned home to Metairie in April 2013 and worked as an ER technician for a twenty-four hour veterinary hospital working the overnight shift. Ashley joined our team in December of 2013 and we are so appreciative of the 12 years of animal experience she brings to our hospital. You will often see or be greeted by Ashley at our front desk or speak with her on the telephone. She may also attend to your pet in the exam room as she is very knowledgeable and has many technical skills.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier working anywhere else and I’m more than happy that I decided to move back home.”

Ashley’s favorite roommate for the past decade, Denali, her Bandogge Mastiff, passed away in 2019. She was an amazing companion to Ashley for eleven years. Ashley and her fiancé, Robert, took incredible care of Denali as she declined. We are so proud of everything they did for her. Denali was “the favorite” dog of our hospital. She was like our resident dog as we saw her and spent time with her almost every day for the past six years. We are all still recovering from losing this wonderful friend and think of her every day. Ashley was a super pet Mom. She is consoled by her cat Aurora and her new dog, Arya, who became a member of their family in February of 2020

Brittany LaFosse Meyer

Brittany LaFosse Meyer has been a part of our team since 2009 and brings thirteen years of hospital experience, working closely with our doctors, clients, and their beloved pets. She has a lifelong passion dedicated to the care and wellbeing of animals. Brittany graduated from UNO in May 2014 with her bachelor’s degree in biology. Brittany is a busy Mom. Her daughters, Caylee (7) and Emily (4), enjoy spending their time with their mom and their dad, Andrew, taking loving care of their cat, four dogs, two bunnies, five turtles and seven chickens on their small farm in Covington. We appreciate that she travels so far to work with us. We can’t imagine the hospital without her. Brittany spends her spare time volunteering at adoption events for the Northshore Humane Society in Covington.

Bruce Luttrell

Bruce Luttrell has worked with animals almost all his life. He began his animal career at the Louisiana SPCA Hospital in 1984 where he met and worked with Dr. McSweeney as a kennel attendant and vet assistant. Bruce and his family kept in touch with Dr. McSweeney when he left the SPCA and opened the Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital in 1992. Bruce followed him a few years later joining our hospital team in 1997 and has been working with us ever since. Bruce’s Mom passed away in 2006 and he now lives with the McSweeneys. Bruce loves music, especially classical music. He is also a huge football fan and loves to coach from the couch. His assistant coach is Cheeto his orange tabby.

Casey Avants

Casey Avants originally joined our hospital staff in 2005 helping us get back on our feet after hurricane Katrina. She has experience in all areas of the clinic, but you will most often find her welcoming you at the front desk where her priority is making our patients and their owners feel like part of our family. Casey has always been devoted to animals and can often be found cuddling with our patients and boarders. She loves watching them grow up over the years and bonding with them. Casey has a degree in American Sign Language Interpreting and a bachelor’s degree in business focusing on Leadership and Human Resources. When Casey is not working, she is busy entertaining her 8-year-old son, Ramses, volunteering at his school, and babysitting. She is also the proud “pet mom” of a multitude of animals including dogs, cats, fish and hermit crabs.

Corey Delsa

Corey Delsa has been a member of our team since 2007 when he was in high school. He was in the waiting room one day with his family when one of our resident cats was quite smitten with him and chose him to work with us. While working with us at the hospital, Corey attended Tulane University where he received a degree in computer programming and graphic design. Cory also has a passion for music and produces computer generated music with the program Reason. He has made numerous recordings including some played on WTUL. He and his lovey wife, Sydney, are the proud owners of four fantastic cats named Felix, Pudding, Graybee, and Black. Over many years, it has been a privilege to work with Corey and watch him become an essential member of our staff.

George Bordenave

We have known George Bordenave since he was very young. His family has been clients of our hospital for many years. We got to know George over the years when he would come in with his family and pets for veterinary appointments. He volunteered with us during his freshman year of high school and then joined our staff in May of 2017. It has been a joy watching him grow into a responsible intelligent young man. He is now a Junior at Brother Martin High School. His love for animals shows in his work. When he is not studying or working with us, George enjoys playing lacrosse. His family includes many canines including one Border Collie and four German Shepherds. As you can see, George has gained plenty of pet experience at home.

Heidi Lancellotti

Heidi Lancellotti is a new addition to our team. She began working in the small animal veterinary field in 1984 as a volunteer. “I always thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I learned what veterinary technicians did, I knew it was perfect for me!” Heidi attended Snead State Community College in Boaz, Alabama and graduated with honors in 1992 with a degree in veterinary technology. She became the first Vet Tech hired to work the small animal ICU night shift at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine where she cared patients and assisted 4th year veterinary students. After leaving LSU, Heidi returned to small animal private practice and has been there ever since. She has also worked Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis) to educate other small animal practices about feline heartworm disease. She is passionate about assisting in surgery, administering and monitoring anesthesia and pain management, as well as educating clients and participating in community service activities.

Heidi is also passionate about her busy family. She has three daughters and has been married eighteen years. She is also the proud pet Mom of a diverse pet family of 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 box turtles and 2 hermit crabs.

Mandi Morales

Mandi Morales began bringing home various types of critters as a young child and has loved animals as long as she can remember. She always knew that she needed to work with animals as her career. She began her journey into animal care as a bather at a local pet salon where she eventually learned to groom cats and dogs – she now has over a decade of grooming experience under her belt. Mandi also studied veterinary technology at University of New Orleans and Delgado Community College.

Mandi’s best friend and companion in life is Max, her nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer. Her family also consists of her loving and supportive husband Tyler, their 2-year-old son Dallas and newborn daughter River Rose, and an orange tabby named Colby Jack. In the past, she has had many different types of pets including birds, frogs, lizards, rodents, snakes, and even snails!

“I’ve loved every moment working here at Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital thus far and I feel blessed to have this opportunity to learn and grow as a person and animal caregiver. Everyone here has become family and I couldn’t be happier.” Mandi has now been with us since 2015 and will always be an important asset to our clinic family – we are very thankful for her.

Phillip St. Martin

Phillip St. Martin is one of our newest veterinary technicians who began working with us in August of 2018. Although he earned his Associate’s degree in Business Management, he left his business career to pursue becoming a veterinarian specializing in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Phillip decided to enhance his knowledge and skills in the veterinary field by joining our team while he attends UNO to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Working side by side with the experienced doctors and technicians here at AMASH, Phillip has gained much experience and hopes to apply it in veterinary school. Watching the successful practice that Dr. McSweeney has created has encouraged him to build his very own practice in the future. Phillip has five dogs of his own that he saved from the streets of Los Angeles. He works closely with adoption organizations in the area by fostering and transporting newly rescued animals. Phillip has been a very focused and enthusiastic addition to our staff.

Samantha Dubuisson

Samantha Dubuisson is a lifelong animal lover who has dedicated her life to the field of animal rescue. She graduated from Cabrini High School in 2013 and attended LSU in 2014 studying Animal Sciences. Now, she is a sophomore at the University of New Orleans pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences, with the long term goal of becoming a veterinarian. She has been working with us since 2015 and has also worked with other local hospitals in her six year animal health career. One of her passions is working with animal rescue organizations including the LASPCA, ARNO, Jefferson SPCA and Spaymart. Her volunteer work with animals started at the age of 13 and continues to this day. Samantha is an active TNR (trap, neuter, return) participant, feral cat rehabber, foster mom, animal trainer, and regenerative farmer. Samantha loves her menagerie of pets at home that consists of her five cats, Oreo, Nova, Lyra, Star, and Athena, her dogs B.B. and Jake, her three chickens Lucille, Lucii, and Lillith, and a colony of ten hermit crabs. In the past, she has owned snakes, crested geckos, rats, and various insects. She has also fostered and found wonderful homes for over 38 animals of many species. For Samantha, all animals are delightful and a joy to provide care for!

Susie Little

Susie Little has been working with animals almost all her life. She began her animal career in 1972 at Zel Corkern Stables in Jefferson, Louisiana, where she worked with saddle horses, grooming them, and assisting the veterinarians at the stable. Since then, she worked as an animal technician at Broadmoor Animal Hospital. The Louisiana SPCA and Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. She has been with us since 2008 and brings 53 years of animal experience to our practice. She is the proud owner of Pitout the love bird, Boisey the noisy blue jay and Screamers the cat. As she lovingly cares for them, she also lovingly cares for her 96 year old Mother, Ida, who is a total sweetheart. Susie’s brother Alan shares in Ms. Ida’s care including making wonderful culinary treats for her and our staff. Susie also gives special care to our resident felines who adore her. You may see her at our front desk or speak to her on the phone. Remember, her lifetime of animal experience is invaluable.

Lindsay McCarron

Born and raised in New Orleans, Lindsay McCarron grew up with two loves, dance and animals. After graduating from high school in 2002, she turned one of those loves into an 18 career, travelling and teaching dance to children of all ages. After her 2017 wedding, she decided to make a career change and pursue her other love, caring for animals. Lindsay attended Animal Behavior College and became a veterinary assistant, and then decided to further her education with Penn Foster becoming a registered veterinary technician. She worked for the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society last year. We are very grateful to have her on our team and grateful for the experience she now brings to our hospital. Lindsay is mother to 6 fur babies, 3 dogs (Hope, Odin, and Buddy) and 3 cats (Chester, Gracie and Cleo). Lindsay’s future goals include having a home rescue where she can save animals from being euthanized.