How to Turn 21 Cents Into $2,500: Let Your Dog Eat Coins

Pets get into mischief all too often—running out the open front door, jumping on your grandparents, or stealing cookies off the counter. Since pets don’t have thumbs, they explore objects with their mouths, which also gets them into trouble when they eat inedible delicacies. Cats tend to exercise a little more discretion when it comes [...]

Bella’s story: A Second Chance for a Beloved Pet

Who doesn’t love a good story with a happy ending? At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we see patients who present with a variety of problems, from ear infections to terminal cancer. We love all our patients, but some pets stay on our minds years after we were fortunate enough to become a significant part [...]

Fact versus Fiction: COVID-19 and Pets

Thanks to social media and countless news sources, accessing information on the web is as easy as a click of your mouse. But the internet, while a wonderful way to gain knowledge, is also rife with misinformation. You have likely come across some articles or posts discussing the involvement of animals in the current COVID-19 [...]

Big Dogs, Big Problems? What Large-Breed Dog Owners Need to Know

Watching a giant, goofy dog bounding toward you fills you with delight. Large-breed dogs are special creatures, not only because there is more to love and to pet, but also because they often are truly gentle giants. Such large dogs, however, have some unique issues that pet owners should know about. Here are the top [...]

Pet First Aid: What to Do Before Taking Your Pet to the Veterinarian

Pets are notorious for getting themselves into scuffles, and sustaining injuries that require medical care. Toxin ingestion, broken toenails, insect bites, and bleeding wounds are all-too-common occurrences in curious pets. When a minor emergency strikes, you should administer first aid to your pet before leaving home, or during the trip to our veterinary hospital, to [...]

COVID-19 and Pets: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

COVID-19 has been in the news for months, and seems to be all you hear about when you turn on the TV. But, you probably have not heard much about whether the virus can affect your furry friend, and you may have unanswered questions. Misinformation is floating around about COVID-19 and pets, and because health [...]