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You Have Questions, We Have Answers: Diabetes Mellitus in Pets

There’s a good chance you know a person with diabetes mellitus, and knowing the disease can also affect pets, you worry that your pudgy pet might be at risk. While diabetes is common in middle-aged to older pets, especially those who are overweight or obese, diabetes can affect any pet. You can help your furry [...]

Guess that Breed: Breed Specific Diseases in Dogs

Before falling in love with an English bulldog or a German shepherd dog, you should carefully research that breed. While mixed-breed dogs aren’t immune to genetic conditions, purebred dogs can develop diseases so commonly that they become known as a breed-specific disease. So, before you settle on an adorable smushed-face pooch, or one with a [...]

Cleaning Up After Katrina: A Community Effort

On August 29, 2005, a tropical cyclone named Hurricane Katrina struck the southeastern edge of the United States, affecting roughly 90,000 square miles. During the storm, and especially during the aftermath of its destruction, nearly 2,000 people lost their lives. In addition to this immeasurable cost, Hurricane Katrina caused more than $100 billion in property [...]

10 Tips to Help Prepare Your Pet for a Hurricane

Disaster can strike at any time, and although you may have an emergency plan for your family, what about your pet? Whether the disaster that befalls your home or area is natural or man-made, ensure you include your furry family member in your plans. This month, we are discussing hurricane preparedness. Hurricane season typically runs [...]

What’s that Spot on My Cat’s Face? Lentigo and Melanomas in Cats

Most cats who have a dash of orange in their coats are prone to freckle formations. An adorable pairing of orange fur and brown or black freckles can pop up on calico, tortoiseshell, and orange cats, especially as they age. However, they are not all simple freckles—skin melanomas also commonly affect cats, and may appear [...]

Leading the Way: Innovative Drug and Prevention Testing

Here at Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we pride ourselves on our dedication to advancing veterinary medicine. By placing ourselves at the forefront of the latest innovations, we can offer your beloved companion the absolute best care with the newest discoveries. Our novel treatments can provide relief for pets who have struggled with allergies, nausea, [...]

Shiny Eyes – Dogs and Cats Are Watching You

It’s a late spring evening, and a storm is coming. As you sit in your living room reading a book, your dog sleeping on the floor by your feet, it begins to rain. You move over to a window to pull aside your curtain and peek outside. There’s no moon out—it’s dark and rainy, with [...]

Dr. McSweeney: His Path to Veterinary Medicine

While some veterinarians fall into their career paths, despite never owning a pet, that was not the case with Dr. Patrick McSweeney, who always loved all creatures great and small, and knew he wanted to give back to the animals that gave so much love and devotion to their families. We may be a little [...]

Top 10 Benefits of Pet Ownership

You’ve likely heard many stories of how pets have saved their families from intruders, fires, or other disasters. One of our canine patients was a true hero. This pup barked uncontrollably one night, waking up her family, who found their home on fire. Because of the dog’s desire to save her family, each human member [...]

How to Start Your New Puppy Off Right

If you’ve ever had to let a great dog go at the end of her life, you know that making that decision is incredibly challenging. After taking the time to mourn the loss of your four-legged friend, you may consider welcoming a new pet into your home, to help fill that empty space in your [...]